Origin Story…

I love Marvel Studio movies! What they did to build an overarching narrative blending the arcs of so many different characters over time was brilliant. And each character took risks that developed from their origin stories, which Marvel chose to roll out patiently over time. Avenger’s Endgame was outstanding cinema despite what Martin Scorsese says. I respectfully disagree. 🙂

As future incarnations of Marvel character’s proceed I look forward to a great unfolding story.

As a person of science and faith, the Marvel movies appeal to me for two obvious reasons, the science/science-fiction aspects are electrifying but the underlying spiritual threads are what make the movies meaningful. This is what Scorsese misses. When your high-brow intellect leads you to miss the low-brow, solid truths, you are the poorer for it.

The Blip in Avengers: Infinity War was the unjustified, based on Thanos’ whim, death of half of the universe. Death gave its sting. When Captain America sat in defeat in the Wakanda forest and emoted, “Oh, God,” that was an appropriate summation.

When the Blip was reversed in Endgame that brought back enough Superhero’s to defeat Thanos but also restored billions of human lives that had been gone for 5 years. They were resurrected. Death’s sting was reversed. However, as the story of the Marvel franchise continues with the WandaVision and Falcon/Winter Soldier TV series the Blip’s effects on humanity continues to be explored. For many of those returning from the Blip, they now have a chance for a new origin story.

I am a Christ follower for many reasons. His words and example of how to be a true human is humbling. Being truly human best reflects the divine image which helps center everything in a chaotic world. But it is in the resurrection where Christ’s meaning is realized. Christ’s resurrection could only have changed the arc of history as it did if it was true. It is the origin story of a new humanity that is possible when humans embrace love, peace and non-violence. When we embrace love and peace that ushers in a new way of living, a different kind of kingdom. When we don’t embrace love and peace and chose hate and the sword, we get the tragedies we suffer in this world. We sadden God as the wrath of our choices are unleashed on ourselves. Choosing the way of Christ is our only hope in this life and the next.

Someday the Blip everyone receives at the end of their life will be reversed. They will have a new origin story. How humanity will deal with billions of souls returning and integrating back into a Christ-led human civilization will be a challenge. How that type of civilization will thrive and prosper, not only on this world, but on other worlds throughout the galaxy and universe will be, to quote Mr. Spock, “Fascinating.”

Hmmm, I think I may write a story or two about that. 🙂

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