Agile Requirement Readiness

Agile Requirements Readiness
Achieve Faster Software Delivery

In the complex world of agile software development, agile requirements readiness is key to competitiveness and getting value to market faster. This works for both commercial markets and government markets. For commercial markets getting software out fast is key to competitiveness. For government markets, hitting contract deadlines is key to keeping projects greenlighted.

Unfortunately, most organizations are unaware of the 4Cs of Delay which slow down the handoff between product managers and product owners and their software teams. Agile Requirements Readiness: Achieve Faster Software Delivery defines the Agile Lean Requirements Pipeline © framework which is a mindset and approach to align and synchronize the business and IT.

My published ebook, “Agile Requirements Readiness: Achieve Faster Software Delivery” explores the challenges to alignment and synchronization between business and IT when it comes to getting aspirational scope turned into executable scope. In addition, the ebook describes how to shift to a LEAN-AGILE INCREMENTAL REQUIREMENTS approach that optimizes value flow. This approach works in Government procurement situations as well as commercial environments.

Like any book, it represents a point of view that will evolve based on market feedback. I hope readers will consume the ideas and concepts and provide feedback and opinion because that is the only way knowledges improves over time. I hope these ideas, concepts and practices help agile teams.

Agile Requirements Readiness

Agile Requirements Readiness is also a Udemy Course. Click here for an overview, the ebook is also included in the course as well.

If you don’t want to take the course and get the full training and just want the ebook you can get the entire eBook now in exchange for joining my “Agile Requirements Mastery” newsletter list. Here is a link GET EBOOK-JOIN NEWSLETTER LIST

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