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agile requirements podcast

Agile Requirements Podcast

SPaMCAST 729 – Product Owners, Not The More The Merrier, Syncing Agile and Waterfall Requirements, Essays and Conversations with Tony Timbol #agilePlay Now: Podcasts: Player and Show Notes: Listen in as Tom Cagley, great interviewer, and...

To Tell a Story Audio Col

To Tell A Story June Podcast Up

Listen to Tom Cagley and I talk about Agile Requirements (5:17 Min Mark) Had a great conversation on the SPAMCAST podcast 709 edition about Agile Requirements, that they do exist and are more than...

Love remains

Love remains

At time’s end, faith becomes sight, hope becomes rest, but love needs no becoming as it is enough, now and forever.

The 4Cs of Delay: #1 Cognitive Overload

The 4Cs of Delay: #1 Cognitive Overload

(Excerpted from Agile Requirements Readiness: Achieve Faster Software Delivery eBook) Requirements Delay can be experienced at the start of a project or initiative, in the middle or near the end. Delays can accumulate. They...

Agile Requirements Readiness

Agile Requirement Readiness

In the complex world of agile software development, agile requirements readiness is key to competitiveness and getting value to market faster. This works for both commercial markets and government markets. For commercial markets getting...

We all need more friends…

On the long path of life,we will need,a friend,on the long path of life,we should be,that friend,when we see each other as travelers,let’s see each other as friends. Understanding the science of friendship is...

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