Meet Tony Timbol

Tony Timbol is an agile coach, trainer, and consultant with years of experience in technology and software development. Other interests include writing novels, screenplays, articles and opinion pieces while also watching sci-fi (no matter how bad).

Currently serving as an Enterprise Agile Coach for a large healthcare insurance provider, Tony teaches and coaches agile best practice principles and the SAFE framework specializing in Product Management and Product Owner training.

Tony started his career at NASA working on the Space Shuttle Programs, STS-1. Afterwards he worked for a series of software consulting and technology companies in various sales, marketing and technology consulting roles before transitioning to become a Senior IT Agile Coach working on Enterprise Agile Transformation.

Tony is founder and product manager of Agile Ready: A User Story Pipeline System for Agile Teams, his scalable solution for optimizing the agile requirements process. Experience and data has shown that the better the requirements the better the software, the poorer the requirements the poorer the software no matter now brilliant your developers are.

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