Meet Tony Timbol

Tony is an agile coach, trainer, and consultant with years of experience in technology and software development. Currently serving as an Enterprise Agile Coach for a large healthcare insurance provider, Tony teaches and coaches agile best practice principles and the SAFe framework specializing in Product Management and Product Owner training. Connect with him on linked-in.

Other interests include cosmology, rocket science (worked at NASA early in career), writing software, authoring novels & screenplays, volunteering, scribing articles and opinion pieces while also watching sci-fi films (no matter how bad). A father and husband he lives in Jacksonville, FL with his spouse. One married adult daughter lives in Denver, CO while the other married daughter lives here in Jacksonville.

Tony’s post regularly on his Agile 3W Blog and is a contributor to other sites including the audio column, ‘To Tell a Story” on the SPAMCast network, The network and the The Product School Blog.

Tony is founder and product manager of Agile Ready his scalable solution for optimizing the agile requirements and user story authoring process. Explore the free Tutorials on Agile Ready. Connect with him on linked-in. or email him at

Tony is author of Cybil Raven: Miracle of St. Rita, his debut novel which was optioned for TV and film rights 6 months after publication. Still in development (Hollywood is a crazy business) Tony is working on his next set of novels in science fiction and short stories along with several screenplays in various stages of development.

Tony volunteers at Empower Women Leaders, a faith-based non-profit his wife, Shelly founded and runs. EWL serves and trains women leaders in developing countries by connecting, counseling, and contributing to selected initiatives/projects, which have a positive and sustainable impact.

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