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Tony Timbol

Human / Imago Dei

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Science and Faith

The world is more than we know. Science and faith are two sides of the same coin of truth.

Seeing, Reading, Writing

“The art of writing fiction is to sail as dangerously close to the truth as possible without sinking the ship.” – Kinky Friedman

Agile Product Requirements Readiness Blog

The Who, What and Why of Incremental Requirements

Agile Ready Software

Agile Ready is an Agile Requirements Readiness Software designed to accelerate your software value delivery.

Interviews and Discussions

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Action-Thriller, Science Fiction, and Short Stories

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agile requirements podcast

Agile Requirements Podcast

SPaMCAST 729 – Product Owners, Not The More The Merrier, Syncing Agile and Waterfall Requirements, Essays and Conversations with Tony Timbol #agilePlay […]

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Love remains

At time’s end, faith becomes sight, hope becomes rest, but love needs no becoming as it is enough, now and […]

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